[Date Change] The Daniel Oduber Quirós Flyout! @ MRLB - 171700ZMAR19


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MRLB/Liberia is a relatively small airport off the northwestern coast of Costa Rica. It has seven passenger gates and six GA gates. If you want to learn more about the wonderful airport, go here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Oduber_Quirós_International_Airport

Commercial Gates

Gate 1: Air Canada Rouge A319 to CYYZ
Gate 2: American Airlines A320 to KMIA
Gate 3: United Airlines 737-900 to KEWR
Gate 4: Delta Airlines 757-200 to KATL
Gate 5: Southwest Airlines 737-800 to KHOU
Gate 6: JetBlue Airways A321 to KJFK
Gate 7: WestJet 737-800 to CYYZ


GA Ramp 01: C208 Any Private Livery to MROC
GA Ramp 02: C208 Any Private Livery to MHRO
GA Ramp 03: C208 Any Private Livery to MPTO
GA Ramp 04: C208 Any Private Livery to SKRG
GA Ramp 05: C208 Any Private Livery to MMUN
GA Ramp 06: C208 Any Private Livery to MMGT


Ground: @InfiniteAviation06
Tower: @InfiniteAviation06

Server: Training

Airport: MRLB

Time: 2019-03-17T16:00:00Z

NOTAM: The event will most likely be livestreamed. Spawn In 15-20 minutes early for photos. This airport has very few gates, so make sure to get yours fast. Both runways involve back-taxiing. If you want to fly into a gate arrive around 12:10 EST so the gate will be available then.


It’s here!!


Can I have tower please


Tower is yours, would you like ground as well?


Yes please


Ok, you’ve been added


Your title and time in the first post are not the same. Make sure to change it to avoid much confusion


I’m not good with that, what should the Zulu Time be changed too?


I do feel like this event will fill up fast, so I wouldn’t take forever to chose a gate


Can I take gate 02 please!


@samdog27 Gate 2 is yours, see you then


Great I can’t wait!


It should be fun! I’ve been to this airport twice and it’s incredible, and the scenery is beautiful


I’ll take GA Ramp 01! :)


It’s yours


Tons of Gates left, get yours before they are gone!


IRL? I haven’t


Yeah, I have been here twice. My first time I saw WestJets Disney Frozen plane and my second I saw JetBlues FDNY Plane. They get a lot of livery’s down there.


I will be doing a WestJet flight, but if you want to go to Calgary with me, you can do the Air Canada Rouge A319 flight


I’ll take gate 3