{DATE CHANGE IN PROGRESS} It’s My Dogs First Birthday! Come Celebrate @KGCN - 102000ZNOV19

It’s My Dogs 1st Birthday! 🎉

As some of you may know October 30th is my dogs 1st birthday. Yes I know this event is on the 3rd but it’s the only time that will work. By the way my dog is named Getzy and he is a maltipoo. Many of you have seen pictures of him on the forum because of my profile picture.

How KGCN, KHII And The 172 Were Chosen

Well basically the dog chose it. I got some paper, wrote down airports and aircraft and whichever one the dog went to was it.

About The Airports

About The Aircraft

About The Flight Plan (And Why It’s So Amazing)

We will be taking off from the Grand Canyon (KGCN) and flying through the canyon for a little while. Then we will make a long trek over the desert to the Colorado River up by Laughlin (KIFP). Once were above Laughlin we will descend to 5000ft to see the Colorado River better. We will continue at 5000ft above the river and fly over Needles (KEED). Once we hit Needles we will descend to 2500 and fly over Topock and Pirates Cove. I tested this and you can see both places. Then we will fly over the Topock Gorge and into Lake Havasu (KHII). We will fly over the lake and, the channel and the island. We will fly almost over Copper Canyon and we will see Steamboat in one of our last turns. Then we will fly over the city and our house. Depending on wind we will use 14 or 32 but planning on 14. Then we will all park on the ramp and get some screenshots. I will announce places we are flying over in the PM during the flight. It will be an amazing event!


Expert Server

Starting Airport:

KGCN Grand Canyon National Park

Ending Airport:

KHII Lake Havasu City

Date and Time:

November 10th at 2000Z


Cessna 172

Subject to change

More info will be in event PM


Spawn in at your assigned spot. Please do not fly through other planes. Follow flight plan and all other institutions. We will all fly the same route. When we are about to land we need at least 2nm separation. Go arounds may be necessary. Have Fun!

Parking Assignments KGCN

Section 1

GA Stand 01 @KGJT-9149
GA Stand 02 @Ecoops123
GA Stand 03 @rockpapernuke
GA Stand 04 @Infinite_Qantas
GA Stand 05 @Maxmustang
GA Stand 06 @Speedyyy/@Speedy
GA Stand 07 @Speed_bird_50
GA Stand 08 @IF.Oz
GA Stand 09 @David_Mullen
GA Stand 10 @AviatorGamerYT
GA Stand 11
GA Stand 12
GA Stand 13
GA Stand 14
GA Stand 15
GA Stand 16
GA Stand 17
GA Stand 18
GA Stand 19
Hanger 01 @Armani_B

Section 2

GA Stand 20
GA Stand 21
GA Stand 22
GA Stand 23
GA Stand 24
GA Stand 25
GA Stand 26
GA Stand 27
GA Stand 28
GA Stand 29
GA Stand 30
GA Stand 31
GA Stand 32
GA Stand 33
GA Stand 34
GA Stand 35
GA Stand 36
GA Stand 37
GA Stand 38
GA Stand 39
GA Stand 40

Section 3

GA Stand 41
GA Stand 42
GA Stand 43
GA Stand 44
GA Stand 45
GA Stand 46
GA Stand 47
GA Stand 48
GA Stand 49
GA Stand 50
GA Stand 51
GA Stand 52
GA Stand 53
GA Stand 54
GA Stand 55
GA Stand 56
GA Stand 57
GA Stand 58
GA Stand 59
GA Stand 60

Section 4

GA Stand 61
GA Stand 62
GA Stand 63
GA Stand 64
GA Stand 65
GA Stand 66
GA Stand 67
GA Stand 68
GA Stand 69
GA Stand 70
GA Stand 71
GA Stand 72
GA Stand 73
GA Stand 74
GA Stand 75
GA Stand 76
GA Stand 77
GA Stand 78
GA Stand 79
GA Stand 80

Section 5

GA Stand 81
GA Stand 82
GA Stand 83
GA Stand 84
GA Stand 85
GA Stand 86
GA Stand 87
GA Stand 88
GA Stand 89
GA Stand 90
Hanger 02 @TheFlyingGuy1

Parking at KHII

Just follow me lol

To Join Just Reply Here!

Another One Of


This is a wiki so add yourself or others if you can. Thanks!


@Armani_B your in by the way

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Thank you very much 👍🏽

This is very creative! Good luck!

Thank you!

As said this has a great layout, and shows a great amount of positivity.

Hmm, a bit too similar to my event title: [JUST OPENED] 😂

Should I change it?

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No keep it to how you like it!

I’ll be changing mine shortly anyway to [## ATTENDING] once a few more members join.

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Yea I thought the same thing. I wanted it to say just opened because hardly anyone is attending currently

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Yeah, I feel the same, you never know whether it’ll be a massive success, or a couple of attendees.

Ok, to keep this on topic I’ll… uhhh, this is literally on my birthday. 😂. I’ll most likely be having be out at a restaurant with the people I love… I wish i could attend, but i never know if i could make any last minute changes 😉

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I can still put you down because there’s over 90 slots and I doubt they will all be full

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Sure! Why not get some great attention to another GA event 😀

Ok. I’ll join your event by the way in a little bit. Let me read it

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Good luck reading it 🙄 😂.

RIP my keyboard.

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That’s an interesting process.

Sadly, I never had a pet :( so I will most likely partake in Your dog’s birthday. I will sign up later, since the date is a month away though.


that is one adorable dog!!!

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Hi, i just want to point out there is no reason to comment:

If you don’t sign up, the OP knows you won’t be there :)

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It was to show support but it doesn’t rly matter lol

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Lol, your dug’s birthday.


Well saying I’m from Scotland, dug not dog.

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