Date and Time problem with Daylight savings.

I think there is a minor problem with the date . It is really hard to describe it, so I will make an example.

I recently participated in an infinite flight event that took place in Calgary held by @WestJet737767 . (Link to the event: Birthday Flyout! @CYYC-132100ZAPR19) The feature built in the forum that converts time said to me it was starting at 4pm EST. However, it was starting actually at 5pm EST when converted from Zulu. The reason for this is because, in my theory was because this forum was made before the time (February 3) was switched to Daylight time (March 10). Infinite flight didn’t change the time to daylight, therefore displaying the time for 2100z before the change. Thanks to this quote, now I understand what happened.

Credit to him/her

What are your thoughts?


Only 1 solution:

Abolish Daylight Savings Time
that would mean no more confusing times and you wouldn’t have to lose an hour


agreed lol

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the date and time problem other than the fact that the event creator made the event before Daylight Savings Time and planned for it to be after it.

If he/she didn’t know about Daylight Savings Time, well, that would cause a confusion in time.
One of the reasons why I do not like it


I know. Its just luck

Yeah I agree.

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It would take lots of work to abolish Daylight Savings Time, but yes, it is terrible. This actually caused confusion with one of my events as well

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I also have that problem!

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Yay Europe

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Sweden has been in the talk of planning to remove daylight savings already by this year or 2020but that will most likely be prolonged to 2021 when all European nations will have to abolish the system together. As for the majority of Europeans, most don’t find any positive outcome of the flipping an hour here and there twice a year, for god know what reason it was implemented for. (I know, it was to have an hour more night or day depending on the season of the year, though that is just illusion…)

I can say, the changing an hour back and forth really makes no sense to me. You don’t in practice and reality save an hour of the day in the summer or get an extra hour to sleep at night. It’s a real hoax and illusion we humans have created to fool ourselves into thinking, hey now, now you see we did some time travel to benefit us, though what the outcome is only confusion and misery…

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Now plz do it in america. I hate daylight saving personally since it disrupts my clock inside me and it takes like a month for me to adapt to the new time


Day light saving has affects on animals life’s too.

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