(date and hour moved) Japan Airlines Flight 123 @ RJTT - 231700ZSEP18 (CANCELED)

Server: Expert
Airport: RJTT-RJOO
Time: 1700Z
1- no pattern work allowed
2- please follow ATC instractions
3- use only Boeing 747-200 Japan airlines livery

About Japan airlines flight 123: Japan Air Lines Flight 123 - Wikipedia

About the event: The event will be about this flight, but instead crashing the plane we will finish the flight safely, to the memory of all 520 peoples that were onboard and didn’t survive it, we will depart in 1100Z from RJTT and we will head to RJBB, the FPL will be RJTT GOTEN KOHWA RJOO

Terminal 2:

Gate 059- @ADDY28
Gate 060- @rubinedan
Gate 061- @SimpleWaffles
Gate 062-
Gate 063-
Gate 064-
Gate 065-
Gate 066-
more gates will be added if needed



When reseve a gate please follow this format:
Gate- 059 for example
Callsign- CWH for example



This is interesting… sign me up!

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OK! See you there! Thank you for coming

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The livery is a bit different then the actual aircraft however… and what’s the date? Plus it’s RJTT not RJJT. And sorry I can’t come it’s monday I have school.

I think correct destination is RJOO/Osaka Int’l…🤔

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Yeah RJBB is Kansai Intl.,and it wasn’t opened until the 1990’s. It should be RJOO,Itami Airport,


Would you like to join?

I know the livery is different… But there is no what to do about it…

Sorry, i can’t join😫

OK… :( see you next time

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I would use the 747-200 since it has the exact livery that was on the accident aircraft. Sorry I cant come since I have school.

Just a tip: Try and schedule events for a time where a lot of people can potentially make it. At 1100Z, most Americans and Australians will be asleep (most of the forum are from America), Europeans will be at school (its a Monday) so really this time really only suits people living in Central/Eastern Asia. Also try and schedule the day for a Saturday/Sunday because people have school/work on other days.

Moved it to 1700Z, can you come, 23 September (Sunday)

Sorry but still no since I wont get home till 1800-1830Z cause of after school activities. Ill try to come to your next event!

But it is in Sunday, no school… And you are from England so…

I have karate on Sunday from 1500Z - 1800Z and then wont get home till 1840Z

Sorry, but I can’t do it later, it is 20:00 PM in my country… If I’ll do it in 1800Z it will be midnight

Its fine ill try come to your next event!

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What’s the time and date now?

1700Z 23 September, can you join?

I don’t know let me check.

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