Database with All Aircraft, Liveries & More

The website that lets you find all aircraft, liveries and specific aircraft information for Infinite Flight has been updated and now reflects all changes made in Infinite Flight version 24.2.


• Airbus A320-200

added 4 liveries
airline registration
Air Serbia YU-APH
ITA Airways EI-DTE
Pakistan International Airlines AP-BLS
Turkish Airlines TC-JPI

• Airbus A321-200

added 1 livery
airline registration
JetBlue - A Defining MoMint N982JB

• Airbus A330-300

added 3 liveries
airline registration
China Eastern Airlines B-303D
Discover Airlines D-AIKK
Philippine Airlines RP-C8780

• Airbus A380-800

reworked aircraft and changed 13 liveries
airline old reg new reg
Air France F-HPJA F-HPJH
Asiana Airlines HL7625 HL7641
British Airways G-XLEA G-XLEE
Emirates - 1999 A6-EDA A6-EDM
Etihad Airways A6-APA A6-APJ
Generic - F-HPJD
Korean Air HL7611 HL7614
Lufthansa D-AIMB D-AIMN
Malaysia Airlines 9M-MNA 9M-MNE
Qatar Airways A7-AKA A7-APE
Singapore Airlines 9V-SKD 9V-SKZ
Thai Airways - HS-TUA
added 12 liveries
airline registration
Airbus F-WWOW
ANA - Kai JA382A
ANA - La JA383A
ANA - Lani JA381A
China Southern B-6139
Emirates - 2023 A6-EOG
Emirates - 50th Anniversary A6-EVQ
Etihad Airways - Choose UK A6-APE
Global Airlines 9H-GLOBL
Hi Fly 9H-MIP
Infinite Flight G-IANT
Lufthansa - 2018 D-AIMK
removed 2 liveries
airline registration
Air Austral F-OPAS
Transaero VP-TRA

• Boeing 737-800

added 2 liveries
airline registration
Corendon Airlines TC-TJI
Hainan Airlines B-5338

• Boeing 757-200

added 1 livery
airline registration
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ11

Aircraft & Livery Facts:

Infinite Flight version 24.2 amount
aircraft added -
aircraft removed -
total aircraft 59
liveries changed 13
liveries added 23
liveries removed 2
total aircraft/livery combinations 981

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