Database with All Aircraft, Liveries & More

Just a couple of situations:

  • Have you ever been looking for the cruise speed, ceiling and/or flap limits for a specific aircraft?
  • Have you ever tried to find all the Delta liveries? There are 17 of them!
  • Have you ever tried to find a specific livery, but couldn’t remember which aircraft is wearing it?
  • Have you ever tried to find all US registrations for a national event?
    Or all Dutch PH-XXX regs for flying from EHAM? There are 20 of them.

Since there now are 59 aircraft in IF and a total 679 aircraft and livery combinations, finding what you’re looking for might not be that easy.

To make it easier, I’ve created a database.

It looks like this:

Right now the database has the following data of nearly all aircraft:

  • manufacturer
  • aircraft
  • livery
  • registration
  • image
  • ceiling
  • cruise speed
  • flap limits

On the top of the page you’ll find three dropdown boxes, which are linked.

So when you select Airbus under Manufacturer (see Airbus in blue underneath the dropdown box), the list of aircraft in the next dropdown box will only consist of Airbus aircraft.

When you select a specific aircraft, the list of liveries will only show the liveries available for that aircraft.

That same list is shown on the page underneath, with all information available for those aircraft.
Images can be clicked to show a larger one.

I’ve also created a second version of the database with just the aircraft information, so without the liveries.

So, when you have some time, please take a look and let me know what you think or wish.
Maybe I can make something really useful out of this for the entire community and not just for myself.

If you find any error, please let me know.


Looks really nice.

Personally, I liked the first version best, mainly because you have all information in one place (ceiling/speed/flaps) ,and don’t need to click on the aircraft to get it.


Number 1 is better laid out, however number 2 is more mobile friendly. It’s a great idea and awesome seeing someone putting the time into helping the community like this!


Love it! Crazy how many different liveries and options there are now!

  • Maybe find a way to add the data from the V1/V2/VR Google Sheet?
  • Maybe have a list without the liveries just to get to cruise speed / flaps data really quickly?

Like this?

Due to limitations of the tools used, I had to create a third version of the database.


Good job! Keep it up.

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Awesome work Jan!
Over 600 aircrafts, with over 600 screenshots, edited into one amazing database must have been a really time consuming work!

I hope that the community will appreciate your work as much as they possibly can as this database can be really useful tool for everyone who currently runs a VA as well as new VA/VO starters to build their Fleet with all these details!

I don’t know what you are up to next, but here you definitely gained a “follower”!


This is really great and useful, thanks!

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I’ve added some of the missing data.

Unfortunately there’s almost no information about flap limits for military aircraft.

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The website is broken for me :(


Hey man. Amazing work. Although, you did miss one livery. Etihad Cargo now has 3 liveries, whereas you only have 2 mentioned. The Etihad B777-200F has both old and new liveries available, namely the " Etihad (2016) " livery, which is not included in your database. I can’t say much for other airlines since I mostly fly middle eastern airlines.

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You mean A6-DDD, right?
It’s in there! 😉

The word “Cargo” is missing from the livery name in IF. I guess I should correct that in the database.

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Is it?
Looks fine here.

Try this one.

I’ve copied the databases from my local NAS to a hosted server.

Let me know if it works?


This one works now :)


I can’t open it

That’s strange.
No issues here.

It’s my own website.
It doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Maybe that’s the issue for your provider.

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I will update the database to make it reflect the current version of IF as soon as possible.

Apart from adding the A-10 liveries and new 737 ones, all the existing 737 screenshots have to be replaced, so it will take some time.

I’ll report back when it’s done.


The databases have been updated to reflect the content of the 18.6 release of Infinite Flight.


  • 9 A-10 liveries have been added
  • the original A-10 has been removed
  • 7 737-700 liveries have been added
  • 1 737-700 BBJ livery has been added
  • 24 737-800 liveries have been added
  • 7 737-900 liveries have been added
  • 1 A319-100 livery has been added
  • “Unmarked” has been changed to “Generic”
  • “FDS” has been changed to “Infinite Flight”
  • many other changes in terms of livery names

It was a lot of work.

Check it out!

If you find any error, please let me know.

Have fun!


Unfortunately one of the databases had to be removed.

The plugin used for that database isn’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress and PHP anymore.

The plugin hasn’t been updated for quite a while, but I kept using it because it has features that other plugins haven’t got.

There are no issues with the other two databases.

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Im confused now! Since when were there 3 databases?? I thought there was only one?

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