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Is there aerolineas Argentinas long-haul plane in IF? I wish there was like a database I could just find each livery instead of going through each airliner

No. Only aircraft it’s on is the B737-800 sadly :(

Go into #features make or vote for it :)

Dang it I want to fly from Rome to Buenos Aires tonight but thank you

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Use a generic livery:)

Alitalia also makes the flight I think they have a 787 in IF I think

Alitalia don’t have 787.

Are you kidding me. Come on Infinite Flight

The use the 777-200 Alitalia which IF has. I mean Alitalia doesn’t have a 787 in real life

Okay fair enough thank you. Are you interested in joining me?

Anyways, here’s a topic for the A330 in the livery you were asking about. If you really want it you should vote for it. 😊

Unfortunately can’t do that long of a flight thanks goodday!

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You can also use this database to find what liveries are on the aircraft.

Credit to @Jan


That’s a great route! I would join you if I wasn’t already flying 😅

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