Data volume for IF

Good evening IFC!
I will no longer have my own wifi in the next few weeks. Of course I want to continue playing IF. I would use my data volume for this. Does anyone know how much I use IF in about an hour?

Happy birthday/anniversary Jan! I don’t know any exact amounts and I doubt anyone does. It all depends on tithe aircraft you’re flying, where you’re flying, your connection, etc. However, I would think it would be very high, especially if you’re flying on the live servers.

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Yes, I thought so too. Do you think it consumes more than Youtube etc.?

Yes for sure.

Infinite flight will consume data based on traffic and new scenery. The more traffic, the more data it has to consume. If you have limited mobile data, I wouldn’t recommend using it with IF

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And if you do, fly on solo.

That’s sad.Then I probably can’t play IF for the next few weeks or months.

i can’t fly on IF since 2 weeks… it’s pretty sad for me

also happy birthday!

Sorry to hear that. We’ll be very excited for your return!

I used cellular data when I didn’t have WiFi during Airventure Oshkosh. During this time I used about 9GB while playing IF — I was doing both solo flights, and I flew into an IFATC hub (with lots of lag and the airport didn’t show up on final). I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s possible to use IF using IF with data instead of WiFi.

Also, happy birthday Jan! 🥳 Have a great day! I hope to see you in the IF skies once you return!

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