Data usage

Just a quick tech question…🤓
Would turning “Rendering” or “Resolution” on Setting/Graphic to medium from high reduce the amount of real-time data transmission onto my device (I.e., my cellular data usage, since I have to rely heavily on my 4G plan for IF)?

No, you get the same data downloaded (less than 50mb an hour) no matter what your graphic setting.


One more question…
Would it increase the data usage, like **mb/hr, after this hd image coverage update, if I fly to the updated areas?

Yes, I read that the world is now extra 500GB of imagery, so a lot

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Thank you for the quick answer
Really appreciate it
Now know the reason my data plan was running out so fast…😓

Less than 50mb an hour is nothing.

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I’m logging more than 75hr IF flights per week
Guess 50+mb/hr would be a lot after 3+ weeks🤓

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Quite a lot actually, i’ve flown mostly midhaul (6-7 hours) everyday and managed to waste around 6GBs of data per month…for me its not a problem though because every month i have a 35GB data plan…

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It wouldn’t be a big deal if I still had had the unlimited data plans like before
But now the local telecom companies are scaling back their “unlimited” plans, I.e., raising the prices sky high
And 18GB a month is the plan I am willing to pay…😕

Exactly how much is 18GB a month?


Or what? Odd question.


It’s quite a lot to say the least…

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Just to clarify - whilst the new imagery may be 500GB raw (which isn’t bad considering its quality and span), the amount streamed will be much less based on the areas you fly over and compression we apply to optimise data used.


No i meant how much MONEY is 18GB a month

Thank you for the clarification 🤓

Roughly USD33/mn…
They used to offer a basic unlimited plan for, like, USD20 in the past few years
Not anymore

I use my iPhone mainly for IF (n that’s the only game I play on it)
When I checked my data usage yesterday (4/30)
Only about 250mb or less left before hitting the 18GB mark 🛬🧐🛫

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No complaint
Just want to find out how the new update might affect my data usage
Really enjoy what the FDS have worked hard to bring to us though 👍🏼

Can any moderator close this topic?

Btw just to share with you…
Doing almost none TnG in the past few months
And I finally get to this point: one more leg/landing n I’m Grade 5 🛬😎🛫