Data usage use a lot of data

I have flown for about a 2 hrs in infinite flight and it used 1.2 GB is this normal



It depends. If you encountered aircrafts flown by other users that you had yet to download by using, it’s quite normal. If you were completely solo and had the aircraft you were flying downloaded since before, it’s not.

Our scenery streaming doesn’t require much data at all. But aircraft models can be quite heavy.


Random question:
If on a long haul flight, I put the camera view to the back of the cockpit. Does this still load in aircraft so it would use a lot of data?

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That action won’t make any difference, so yes.


I suggest that you put all the graphics on the lowest setting (this will conserve battery life too). You should also set the airplane count to ‘low’. You can do this is Settings > Live > Airplane Count > Low.

Hope this helps!

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Hi thank you so much this makes sense I downloaded basically all the planes. Now so it won’t use that much data thx for the help and explanation.


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