Data tag remains "green" after pilot executes missed approach

I had a pilot declared she was executing a missed approach after she was cleared to land. I expected her data tag would have gone from green (CTL) to white (normal). Is this a correct expectation?

Typically after a missed approach I will provide pattern entry instructions (for bigger airports), sequence if needed and at some issue CTL. I don’t issue a go around since the pilot has already called it.

Having it remain green is a bit confusing.

The tag does return to white after an AC lands on a T&G or I issue a go around as a controller.


CC @azeeuwnl

I have had the issue of the tag not updating when the aircraft is cleared as well as this. I believe this is just a bug.

Thanks @sk28. @azeeuwnl mentioned that there used to a bug related to the tag clearing / not clearing a while back that was fixed. It looks like there may be a few more scenarios to address.

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Are you talking about a go around or missed approach? I had reported the smilar issue with go arounds that was recently fixed…but not missed approach…

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That’s good to know. I had assumed the ‘missed approach’ tag issue was resolved as well. Look like it hasn’t yet.

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This is a pilot initiated missed approach.

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