Data Tag Color Options

Hello. One feature that I think would be cool is the ability to choose a color for their data tag (e.g red, blue, green, yellow etc.) I don’t know if anyone would find this useful, but I think it would be cool to have. I know that grade 4 and 5 users, as well as mods and devs have separate colors, but in my opinion, it would still be great to have. By the way, this is my first ever feature request, so please try to be positive ;)

I am personally against this idea. The purpose (from my point of vue) of these colours in the user tags is to recognize particular groups of pilots in the air with just a quick glance (more or less experienced IF pilots, moderators, admins, developers etc…). It’s not something that I perceive as a customization/esthetic thing in the app.

If you are proposing an idea in the community, a new feature that you wish to be implemented in Infinite Flight you should expect some criticism. The community is about sharing ideas (knowledge, experience, and other things) so you should expect a discussion/debate :)


In my opinion these colors are symbolic and are a status symbol. Allowing people to change the colors kinda kills this which is why they were added in the first place.


Sorry, but I totally agree with @Kevin_Potthast and @A-FitzGerald.
Those colors are used as identifiers
(just like the staff shirts at an event),
So try to figure out what would happen at a concert or another event if everyone could have a staff shirt.
Total confusion, or am I wrong?


Dont forget to support your own request by voting for it!

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I agree with the others. Special colors should be for special players…


I feel like this is a creativity type thing, creativity if you want to use it in IF should probably be put towards fun routes, callsighns, display names, etc…

I agree with everyone else that they are an identifier, and I think anyone who has been grade 4 or 5 for a period of time can agree that it is kinda a big deal to know that there is a green or orange tag, I am sure the mods/devs feel similarly…

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To have this Green color representing my name in IF is a symbol of status for me. It goes to show that i’ve worked hard (flying long hauls to gain XP, landing to get my count up) to achieve something in the simulator.

It (the color) tells people of where i stand, what i have done over time. By checking my XP, Landings and Flight Hrs you’ll understand why i’m Grade 4, and the same goes for why some are Grade 5 or Grade 3/below that…

Mods, Staff and Devs have their distinctive color to note their status they hold of, their position, who they are.

In my honest opinion i’d like not change my color but rather you could’ve suggested something like Grade 3 users specifically gets a new color rather than white to show that they’ve now been granted enter Expert Server but on the other hand things are great as they are, as many Grade 3 that enter Expert doesn’t behave like experts are therefore i can counter my own argument to give them a color and changing your own tag color to whatever your prefer doesn’t make cast a vote for this…

And agreed with the guys above, and what Swiss said 👇

As i said earlier, Grade 3 could’ve gotten a own color to represent their achievements but in the end that wouldn’t make much sense as reaching Grade 3 is very easy and doesn’t take much time at all and it’d put the color status/symbol to a shame if worn by those who act unprofessional with little to no experience. We (most of us/the majority )who are Grade 4 and higher have a long line of experience, we’ve learned a lot throughout the the months and many of us who’s been playing IF for years. Those who’ve acquired a higher Grade, has gotten themselves a higher status, a higher position.

It’s a game about who has the experience to be granted a higher status and those who’ve not gone far enough!


Ok I get what you all are saying, and I agree too. But just to add, we could have some other colors for Grade 1, 2, and 3. Or would that have its own problems?

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Grade 3 could get a new color, only grade 3 in that case and that color would only be visible on the Expert Server otherwise they can go and be amateur on TS with their color symbolizing a high status, to have entered Expert but misusing ther privilege…

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If there was a color for every rank eaven, but I am not a fan of choosing colors since it is a symbol of status, you earn a color not pick a color…

That’s all true. I’m not sure if the process would get to complicated, causing some sort of debate on the the community or not. Maybe we’d be better off without it. I don’t know, tell me what you all think.

Honestly it’s hard to implement that into the game. But a dabate will be up either way. Whether color option is Go Go Go for everyone or just for Grade 3…

In the end i think things are great as is. And making any changes in color options to who is allowed to have or not have will just spark another possible fire on the forum.

I’d better to stick with what we have… Grade 4 and above has reason to have a unique color symbolizing ther status. They are there for a reason. They’ve achieved something others haven’t yet.

That’s how i see it. Hard work will earn you a color which will in its turn give you status higher than those of Grade 3 and lower.

I agree. I’m a grade 4 and I love having the green color, but I thought it would be nice to have something like that in IF. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions though, and we have to respect that.