Data recovery

Hi i have a question.I bought recently infinite flight for android and a suscription for live¿If i buy the game for ios can i have the data and the suscription with my google account?

I’m not sure on this since I am solely an iOS user, but if you login to the same account you would probably be able to see your live subscription there as well.

Again, not too sure about this.


This is basically the question. He wonders if he can transfer the subscription to iOS if he buys the game on iOS.

In app purchases can’t be transfered so can’t the game be. So you need to rebuy the game. But you’ll be able to use your subscription on ios aswell as on android.

Or just use my answer since thatms what’s true…

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Ok thank you

Yes u can absolutely change yr subscription from android to ios provided younlog in with the same Google account,I was using android previously and then change to ios and maintain same Google log in account.

What Nick says is absolutely correct you have to download the app again on ios but yr account and subscription maintain like I say provided you use the same account.

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What Nick said. :)

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