Data Consumption for Streaming of Scenery

Hello everyone

Can Someone let me know how much Data does infinite flight consume for Streaming the Scenery (In terms of MB per hour)

Because Streaming on Mobile Internet is actually a concern as we have limited amount of Mobile Data available



I’m not sure the precise amount of how big does it take. But Laura has said once that KSFO-KLAX flight takes around 15MB only


Well that should help.

Thanks @SingaporeAirlines

I hope precise information would be out as people become more familiar with global


Depends on the Scenery quality i think , if you set “Low” it may not use much data.
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1h and 30min flight*

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As the iOS users are already on global

I hope someone comes out with the nearest approximate for the Mobile data Consumption within a few days


I can give you a very exact one later.


I’d be waiting for that to plan my monthly data plan accordingly

You still have to take various things into consideration, i can only tell you the exact amount for this specific flight. Other flights may consume a different amount.

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I expect a lot of replies here once Global is out for android and then we can have a Average/Approximate figure

I just realized that i won’t be able to share from this flight, as i have been jumping between Wifi and cellular. I’ll get one for you tomorrow!


It’s likely less than that…


LAX-SFO is actually around 1 hour.

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I believe she had said 15 MB

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Only 15MB? So for a 3-4 hours flight it will take 60-70MB? In High setting or low?

Did anyone notice the Data Consumption on cellular regarding the streaming of Scenery !?

I personally found that its consuming around 70-80MB per hour when graphics are set to low

It goes fast as F/A18 fuel consumption system :]

True !!

I ran out of my Data Limit for 5th straight day and still clueless on how I should be planning my cellular plans

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I used my data for the last 30 mins of my flight. It was on Expert Server, with no traffic at all around me. At the end of the flight, I realised that 120MB of my data is gone. Is this data usage normal, because Laura said that only 15MB for a 1h flight? (I set all the graphic settings to high)

No need to ask me to just set my graphics settings to low, I also knew about that. But I don’t think a 1h flight would only use 15MB, probably much more than that…

If anyone wants to know, it’s an iPhone 7.

I reckon Laura means that 15mb will be consumed when all setting are low. High is steaming a higher quality and will consume a larger amount.