Data Consumption for Streaming of Scenery

Well, on an android phone, I have been keeping track of my data usage and since the Android release of global, I have used less than 300mb of data. So that’s roughly 500mb a month if you are doing overnights and a couple of Short hops.

Hmm, the terrain quality sure affects the data usage drastically then… Thanks anyways

Are your graphics set to low ?

No my graphics are all at the highest settings

Well now we really have two very contradictory statements

I think OS, device model, screen size and display etc. are all variables to the amount of data global imagery takes. If you want to save data I’d suggest flying in area’s where there isn’t global imagery. Instead of asking how much data it takes it’s best just to take a test flight with your preferred settings and see how much time passed and how much data was consumed from that roughly you can figure out how much data you would use monthly flying with IF.

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