Dassault Rafale

Good evening everyone, tonight I would like you to talk about one plane that I would like to see one day on IFS.

It is almost similar aircraft to the first, it was built by (DASAULT AVIATION) on behalf of the French army with the participation of the same countries that made his big brother, who is able to operate on aircraft doors, I named !!!
The French RAFALE !!!

Why I ask that plane be added in IF in the future, because, in IFS the most by fighter planes that are there, are of American or English design (corrected me if I am wrong). For me, this is one of the best combat aircraft designs, with technology that is very good and powerful nowadays, and I think it will bring diversity to the range of fighter aircraft in IFS.

So dear friends, I would like to have your opinion (with arguments if possible) on this request thank you and have a good evening.

Hey there,

These are some great feature requests. However the IFC rules state that you can only request one feature per request. It also seems that they have already been requested.

Good you are happy, the subject has been changed.

Could you please provide more information on the plane itself, as a lot of this is just opinion based, and personally, I don’t know what plane this even is or what it’s specifications are so idk whether to vote for it or not

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Okay, unfortunately, making an accurate description would be too long for this topic so i post you a link if you fly to find out more. https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dassault_Rafale

Having a long description is what makes a good feature request. We need lots of information.

@FKMX There are many feature requests which have a very long post, but it’s very descriptive

I did not know that people in this community like the details at this point.

I saw this aircraft at Paris Airshow 2017. It is a beast!!

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I really like the Rafale. I saw it two days ago at the Paris Air Show

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I am happy to see any new plane added!

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I was there on the Saturday of last week too, maybe we met each other.

For my part it must have its place in IF.

For me this is the most beautiful military aircraft. The Rafale can do dozens of differents missions
But I don’t think we can see it in IF :(

You got my vote anyway

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No chances but great feature nevertheless

Amazing aircraft, which I saw fly a demo in Doha q few years ago…
No votes left alas, but so much better than the typhoon…


Thanks for your support anyways

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It is the best exported recent fighter in the world, it would have its place if IF dev have to choose a “non american” fighter.