Dassault Falcon at KDXR

Yesterday it was a beautiful day where I live so I decided to do some spotting at Danbury (KDXR.) I was surprised to see a Dassault Falcon there. It was very cool because usually you will just see some Cessna’s, Piper’s, and Cirruses. The Dassault Falcon is by far one of my favorite private jets, and I was able to get a picture of it. (The picture is from my phone through binoculars so it might not be the best quality.)

I hope you liked the picture!


Nice shot, I find it interesting the engine on the middle engine isnt covered 🤔

Just take into consideration when posting shots onto the community that they meet to a good quality:

Isn’t enforced though, clearly points as there is not a a set requirement 😅

Photo Quality

We ask that the quality of the photos posted are of an adequate standard. There is not a set requirement for this, however, there are a few things that we recommend taking into consideration:

  • How much of the aircraft can you see?
  • Can you see the registration?
  • How pixelated is your photo if you are zoomed in a long way?
  • Is there any way to add to the post to enhance the topic if your photos are not the best quality?

Thanks for the advice! For the future, do you know the best way to take high quality photos?

Try not to shoot through obstructions like those plants.


Ok, I will try. At the airport though, it is hard to get a shot without the plants.

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