Dassault Falcon 8X

i love this plane because its like a mini passenger jet would be great for the GA communityimage


Looks fancy. I’m loosing money even by looking it.


That looks fancy!

Would be nice to have this beautiful machine.

Nice looks like a celebrity plane lol

I would fly this, so much.

They actually did testing on this jet to where it still had full controls @ M.99

Would this be considered GA?

I’ve been on one of these, since my mum works as a flight attendant for a private jet company. Very nice indeed!

Technically, yes. But it sure is pushing the border

Not really. I can’t think of a single commercial carrier that uses these planes with any regularity.

Im just talking about the size of the thing. Like, it’s not very “general” per say

Looks good tri holer love it

@zbelle I agree. I think a lot of these are corporate owned. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a schedule company using them though.

Throw it on the pile of request that will be done in 5 years time as there are soooo many

One of my all time favourites. Would love this.

Oh I want this plane so bad!!

Amazing machine! 20 letters

Characters, I think you mean. 😉☝🏼