Dassault Falcon 8X

Hey gents!
You may have already seen him at the Paris Air Show 2019: it’s the falcon 8X. I personally think we really miss a lot of jets in IF today. It’s for my self, my favorite aircraft!

The Falcon 8X is Dassault’s largest and longest-range business jet. With his high-speed level, it is well maneuverable, like it was in PAS2019, with a lot of loopings, great turns for an amazing show! A real success for the french group Dassault Aviation. Here we go, Falcon 8X by characteristics:

Crew until 3
maximum capacity 19
Length 24,46m
Scale 26,29m
Height 7,94m
Maximum TakeOff weight 33 113kg
Engine 3 turbojet PW307D
Cabin length 13m
Cabin Height 1,88m
Cabin Width 2,34m

Max. Speed M0.90
Max Distance 11 945km = 6450nm
Max Alt 51 000ft

Theses performances are very interesting in a lot of aspects. It would be great for a lot of VOs in Infinite Flight, that’s why i hope this topic will find some raised hands !


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