Dassault Falcon 20

This Aircraft the Falcon 20F was l operating By Dalsey Hillblom Lynn Cargo Company & federal Express Cargo company its was mainly used fri short cargo hops
FedEx History Falcon 20F


First FedEx Express aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 20 named Wendy, on display at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

The company started overnight operations on April 17, 1973, with fourteen Dassault Falcon 20s that connected twenty-five cities in the United States.[13] Fred Smith’s childhood friend, John Fry of Ardent Studios, sent Ardent partner Terry Manningto the Federal Express home office on Democrat Road near the Memphis Airport with the first package to be put into the system. That night, 186 packages were carried.[13] Services included both overnight and two-day package and envelope delivery services, as well as Courier Pak. Federal Express began to market itself as “the freight service company with 550-mile-per-hour delivery trucks”. However, the company began to experience financial difficulties, losing up to a million USD a month. While waiting for a flight home to Memphis from Chicago after being turned down for capital by General Dynamics, Smith impulsively hopped a flight to Las Vegas, where he won $27,000 playing blackjack. The winnings enabled the cash-strapped company to meet payroll the following Monday. “The $27,000 wasn’t decisive, but it was an omen that things would get better”, Smith says.[14] In the end, he raised somewhere between $50 and $70 million, from twenty of the US’s leading risk venture speculators, including such companies as the First National City Bank of New York and the Bank of America in California. At the time, Federal Express was the most highly financed new company in U.S. history, in terms of venture capital.[10]

Federal Express installed its first drop box in 1975 which allowed customers to drop off packages without going to a company local branch.[13] In 1976, the company became profitable with an average volume of 19,000 parcels per day.

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