Dassault Falcon 20

The Dassault Falcon 20, in my opinion is the coolest, most beautiful looking business jet I’ve ever laid eyes on.


my pic

N1881Q departing RWY16 @ HPN.

This aircraft spoiler[/spoiler] designed by Dassault Aviation ( <- awesome website btw) was the first to be designed in the Falcon series. Introduced in 1963, it first saw the skies in that year registered F-WLKB on 4 May 1963 , and was in production from 1963-88. The stock variation comes with two Pratt & Whitney JT12A-8 engines, but most are updated and outfitted with 2 × General Electric CF700-2D-2 turbofan engines, capable of carrying up to 14 passengers 1,808 nautical miles (or 2,080 miles) at speeds of 465 knots!

Some of it’s most famous operators go as follows:

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) operated a model called the HU-25 Guardian. The Guardian was used as a high-speed spotter aircraft to locate shipwreck survivors and direct slower-moving aircraft and rescue vessels, and to interdict aerial and shipborne drug trafficking

In 2011, NASA acquired a former Coast Guard HU-25C for use in Operation IceBridge

In April 1973, Federal Express began its air express package delivery service using Falcon 20s out of its distribution centre in Memphis, Tennessee. At the height of its use, the cargo airline flew 33 Falcon 20s

The Casualties Affairs Contract with Dassault helps bring fallen soldiers back to their home bases via these aircraft.
(info @Asneed8706)

(I take no responsibility for the above operators, the authors can be found on Wikipedia)

I hope you guys liked this little information session about the Falcon 20, and hopefully, you learned something. What are your guys’ thoughts about this beauty?

It’s a crazy jet, they fly out of my local airport. Not only are they loud, but they’re also fast. I’d love to see these in the sim.


They climb like a rocket as well, loud is an understatement 😂.


Would love this. there’s a dassult falcon finishing plant at my local airport

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Haha awesome. They’re such cool birds.

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They are very cool birds


One of the best private jets out there.

I just gotta say, besides all the GA & Airliner argument, we also need more private jets in IF


Agreed, I just began starting to look into the business side of aviation (careers, etc.) and it’s not such a bad lifestyle.


This is an amzazing jet, and dassult is an an amazing company. But before we have easily, I would love to see the Gulfstream series put in the sim.

Honestly a bit too small otherwise a great Jet.

Oh, I love the Gulfstreams too, definitely would love 'em in the sim.

Saw two of these at my airport, pretty cool

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Yes, especially going from the g1-g6

USAF casualties affairs contract with dasult to help bring fallen back to their home bases. Its a beautiful bird and fullfills a nobel mission and honorable mission. Would be a welcomed addition.

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Thanks for the info!

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It look like the The Cessna Citation Mustang, Model 51 with extra 2 windows in booth side.

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I love the look of the plane! Will be getting my vote.


This be a nice add to the game!

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I know I’m bumping an old thread, but I saw several Falcons operated by Cobham at Prestwick (EGPK) today. They were participating in Exercise Joint Warrior. They look great with the pods under the wings.


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Love it when I get to see one of them landing from the LIT terminal,
Just had a friend move here from Paris to work there