Dassault Falcon 20 FedEx livery.

(Sorry I could not find credits for this image as it is one I’ve had on my phone for awhile)
I believe this would be an amazing plane to add to Infinite Flight as this was FedEx’s (At the time known as Federal Express) first aircraft plus it would add another plane to the cargo/business jet fleet.

Hope you guys like this aircraft/livery as much as I do.

This is a duplicate but the other is kinda old. It also includes the FedEx Livery. Dassault Falcon 20

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My bad I guess I didnt see that as I searched Dassault Falcon FedEx and not just Dassault Falcon 20. I’ll leave it to the mods to decide whether or not this should be closed though

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This is requesting a livery. The other one is requesting a plane.

It does however include the livery in the description of the other topic. Sorry if I’m wrong. Anyways, this would be a nice plane to see in IF along with the Livery!

Your not wrong. I did say aircraft/livery

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