Dassault Falcon 10x

The Dassault Falcon 10x is a large, widebody, advanced, high tech, business jet produced by the French manufacturer Dassault. It will be Dassault’s flagship when it’s released in 2025.

Range- 7,500nm (at Mach .85)
Top speed- Mach .925
Max altitude- 51,000ft

Width- 9’1"
Hight- 6’8"
Length- 53’ 10"
Cabin Volume- 2,780 ft
Baggage Volume- 198 ft3
Windows- 38 total (largest of Falcon family)
Passenger capacity- 8 with a crew of 4

Engine- Rolls Royce Pearl (x2); 18,000 lbs of thrust
Length- 109’ 7"
Wingspan- 110’ 3"
Hight- 27’ 7"

Maximum Takeoff Weight 115,000 lbs / 52 163 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 67,800 lbs / 30 754 kg
Maximum Fuel Weight 51,700 lbs / 23 451 kg

Fun facts:
Dual HUDs
DFCS flight controls
Next-gen flight deck

I think this would be a nice addition to our almost non-existent business jet fleet.
Thanks for reading this far! Please tell me what you think in the comments below and have a nice day.

Isn’t there an E-Jet or CRJ that’s similar to this?

Tbh, they shoulda renamed the thing. Cockpit section is completely different, and more importantly the third engine is gone. Unlike planes such as the 737 MAX, when you can see the resemblance to the 737-100.

But I support this. Any business jet.


“widebody” but I know what you mean lol

I would absolutely love to have another biz-jet in IF and you can never go wrong with a Dassault Falcon 🦅

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Haha true (10 characters)

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Dassault Falcon is the brand name not the model name, this is the Dassault Falcon 10x while the trijets you refer too are the 8x, 7x, 50 and 900 🤷‍♂️

No, Dassault Aviation is the manufacturer and the Falcon is the line

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Yeah, but they are ALL branded as Dassault Falcon, it’s not something only some get, removing the Falcon would be like taking the Corvette out of a Chevrolet Corvette 🤷‍♂️🤔

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I’m not saying call it “Dassault”

But maybe like “Dassault _____”

Because throughout the 50 year history of the Falcon, it has always been a trijet (excluding the 2000S), negative dihedral (anhedral) wing, and the multi-paneled cockpit windows.

I feel like this basically takes out everything that the Falcon is known for, this should be renamed.

For further discussion we should PM 😂

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Should’ve been called the Dassault Mystère 10 😈


Out of votes, but I totally support this. Love this jet

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Dassault Rafale Passenger Version


Not that I know of, but possibly.


Would love a large, long range biz jet to add to our fleet!

Definitely would be a game-changer for Infinite Flight to add an ultra-long-range, high-performance business jet to the sim. By far the most lacking element of the sim. Has definitely got my vote! Plus, Infinite Flight would have the possibility to be the first sim (like what they did with the A220) to have this aircraft which would be immensely exciting!

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