DASHing Through The Skies

Hello, IFC,

I recently did a flight with @anon38496261 on the Expert server in Dash-8 Q400s. The flight was from KSEA to KPDX and it took about 18 minutes.

We had a beautiful parallel takeoff at KSEA, too!

All photos are cropped but otherwise unedited.

Thank You!

I hope you liked them!



Click on the pictures to see the nice cropping (devices tend to (badly) crop them to fit your screen :)

Nicely done 👍🏼

Thank You! (Out of likes)

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Great shots! I want to come on the next one!!! lol

Sure! We’ll invite you!

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Holy cow those are amazing! Thanks for not talking about my landing 😂

If I didn’t talk about it, why do you talk about it?

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Nicely done! High quality photos! Keep it up!

Good point 😂

Me: on final

Parents: Less drive on dat dirt road! 😂


Thank You!

Logic… your landing was fine tho…

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Eh. I’ll have to check the V/S.

It was about -2000 fpm

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Nice! Formation flights are always fun, especially when there is some nice scenery and a good sunset!

Wow, seriously?

Yeah, something like that…

That’s a short flight, but you still got some great photos!