Dashing Around Indonesia! @ WIDD - 232100ZFEB17

Server: Expert

Region: Singapore

Airport: WIDD - WIBD - WIDD

Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Come join Qantas Virtual as we explore the Singapore region in the Dash 8

After unable to fly last week having a second attempt at a Dash event! This time exploring in the Singapore & Kula Lumpa Region. We will muster at Hang Nadim Airport (WIDD) for push back at 2100Z, fly up the Mallaca Straights to Dumai Airport (WIBD), perform a Touch and go and return back to Hang Nadim.

This will test your skills in VFR & IFR as well as general airmanship flying into different airports that you might not already try!

WIDD Charts : https://saripedia.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/batam.pdf
WIBD Charts : http://www.flightsimdb.com/airports.php?ident=WIBD

Hope you enjoy, see you in the sky!



Interesting, see you tomorrow


Hoping to be there. Will try by all means to stay up until 23:00

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Looking forward to seeing you all there. Whilst winds in London is rather batty (24kts xwind at LHR??) liking a pleasant evening to fly around the Mallacca straights.

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This is in 20 minutes? I’ll be there!

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Flight plan below, I am on Gate 03, no fighting!

FL120 at about 260kts , VFR most of the way in, touch and go and return to WIDD for tea and cake!


So I have this bug where I can’t connect to the Unicom, so forgive if I don’t transmit anything.

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Sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. Good flight though.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Nice to do a bit of VFR Avis approaches :-)

Thanks to all who came along, see you next time, happy landings!



Woah sorry, i thought it would be at 4 PM in jakarta time… i hope there will be another event like this soon… cheers

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@David_Lockwood with all my talking Zulu I miscalculated the time… doh! I am at the next one for sure. Did Discord voice get used at all?

Sorry guys, I was so tired and dozing off throughout the event, eventually I give in on my couch when returning to WIDD. Was almost midnight here. Will organise Red Bull next time.

Nice event though, nice spacing between pilots on our first leg. Was my first time flying with Carson.


All qantas Virtual pilots can record a PIREP using QJE8422 for either WIDD-WIDD or WIDD-WIBD depending which leg they did.

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