Dashes on Oceanic Track Z?

Why is Oceanic Track Z dashed? I have excluded graphics, because the rest of the map is clear. Thanks!

Here’s what I mean…

Might it be that the magenta line is just slightly thinner than the white line, so it has a white “outline”? See if the dash follows you when you activate the next waypoint

On another note, it might be your route overlayed by the NAT-track line, if they are slightly different widths. I am pretty sure this isn’t an anti-aliasing issue

because it is curved and pixels can’t be curved, so they make lines to appear as a curve

kinda like why you can’t put a circle in minecraft, everything is made up of blocks, or squares, like pixels


That may be, but its also on the white line of my last way point.

That might be the NAT-track line which is always visible. It looks orange, which is the color of the NAT-track line from what I have seen!


Thanks for the info!

Seems that the Track is thicker than the FPL line. So they seem blended (with some distortion).

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That’s rendering on a lower DPI device for you

Try drawinglines in paint and see what happens

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