Dash8Q400 landing issues

Hey guys,
I’m putting this in the support category for now as I definitely need help figuring out what is going on. I was flying the dash8Q-400 from CYUL to CYOW and everything was smooth on take off. Around 45 NM out I begin descending. As I was 15 NM away, my altitude began going up instead of going down even though my altitude buttons were set at -1000 vs and I was moving my set altitude from 4,000 to 3,000, and so on. I began having trouble when I set it at 2,000. The nose of the aircraft went up and I tried to steer manually. I also tried recalibrating my iPad a couple times. I had auto lock rotation on so my screen would not flip over if I was having to move my iPad down. The aircraft ended up in a vertical position despite my best efforts and that ended in a crash.
Any help you can give me is much appreciated :) . I can even send the replay of the flight if I need to :) .
Also if this helps any, my iPad is a 2015 9.7 iPad pro. I also had landing issues last night but that flight was successful as I was able to land it on the runway (although I nearly hurt my wrist doing this from the sharp steering I was doing ).

Hmm I believe the dash is having problems. Can I have some more info about your device and WiFi (e.g: storage)?

Total storage is 128 GB but I have only used 41.1 GB of it so far :) . My wi-fi is a wireless connection but I am fairly close to the router. I usually had all my flights take place from the living room where the router is :)

Could you provide any pictures (screenshots)?


I only have this from the replay. I am going to try flying it again in a couple hours and if the issue happens again, I’ll definitely take screenshots with the buttons in sight.

This confirms my suspicion. Do you know what your speed was in the flight. At 2000 your plane bobbed up because because it lost altitude because of speed and it wanted to get back up to 2000. Try the flight again and PM me you’re result.
Happy Flying

Speed was 150 before the trouble then it went down to 120 as I was trying to fix it. I’ll reattempt the flight soon and keep you posted :)

I’m just thinking if your flaps were extended too much for the speed it might want to pull up. I generally don’t use more than 15 @125-130 kts unless it’s steep approach or very windy in which case I use 35 and slow to 100kts or so. I was flying the dash earlier and didn’t have any issues.

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Spot on sir! I use the same settings for the dash when landing. It can be tricky to land at times but the parameters used makes if easier to get it on the ground.

Can you remember if you had calibrated your device before turning off A/P? Because, I know sometimes the aircraft can pitch vertically in an upward position if you don’t calibrate your device.

We discussed this in PM guys, managed to get the Dash under control by using the below parameters as a guide;
• 180kts, flaps 5 for descent (under 10kft).
• 140kts on approach flaps 15.
• Flaps full and final app 115kts, aiming to be at 105kts for touch.


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