Dash8 isn't the BBJ Anymore

When Matt was testing the Dash he appeared as a BBJ. But now, the android users just have a name tag and no plane. Why is this?

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They were testing it as a 737BBJ.

@Sturmovik So that means if they wanted the next plane they test could look like a dash? So, they can change it to what ever plane they want?

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It seems like it.

When they tested the A318/319 & the A320, the beta testers appeared as BBJ´s. New A321 appeared as the old A321.

I believe, but can not say for 100% certainty that planes that they are testing appear as BBJ`s. There might have been some changes now, as the iOS user see the Dash 8 that Android users now can fly, as you describe how you saw Matt.

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Exactly right. Minus the old 321 part. Pretty sure it was still the BBJ.

And people asked themselves: “how can the land it so well?”

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I can’t see that dash8s, they are invisible to me and don’t appear as a dash

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Pretty sure it was the old A321 - but you probably know that better than me. :)

That´s what i wrote. ;) Hence the thing i mentioned about that there might have been some changes recently regarding how you see planes that your version of the game don´t support yet.

Maybe it just wasn’t rendering in properly since your infinite flight hasn’t been updated yet. Once you get the update it should be fine.

So you’re saying…when Matt tests the 787-9, he’ll be in the Virgin Atlantic?

I don’t know. It’s possible. As i said earlier, i can only speculate really. That’s really all that we can do at this point.

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