Dash sound bug

I found a bug in the audio of the Dash!
The sound of the gear is on the left side only. No audio on the right side.
Flaps and other sounds are fine.
Device: iPad Pro, iOS 9.2.1
It doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but still.


Maybe the sound is meant to be displayed from one speaker?

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The gear sound on other aircraft is coming from both channels, so it’s a bug.


Also the engine sound is not like a dash 8 q400. What’s that sound a cessna?

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And now the gear sound is coming from both sides! Weird!!

Um… If I could guess using common sense. Depending on Where your camera is focused, you will get sound output from that direction only. Say you look at the plane head on and hear the sound of jet engines taking in air, and on the other side, you hear jetblast. So I think the situation is the same, point your camera in the Display mode around until you see what I’m talking about.

To clarify, I don’t think this is a bug at all.


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Please don’t sign your post.

I’m just saying. It’s against the guidelines.

Also, no reason to be so harsh.

It was in HUD view and seems to have been a glitch.

If that’s true, I’d like to know the legitimate reason as to why that is, but any rate, because we are getting Offtopic. @Jan_Polet I’ll look into that because I’m interested, I’ll try it with headphones.

After restarting the app I can’t reproduce it anymore.

Unable to reproduce.

iPad Air 2
iOS 9.3 Beta 6
Infinite Flight Version 16.02.0

Just Tested
No faults.

Haven’t noticed the same issues as everyone else on iPhone 6

This is useless to the developers. Next time, please try to include device, OS version, and Infinite Flight version.

Identical to you ✅
Besides beta

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It happened again!!!

HUD view again?

Were you using headphones or device speakers?