Dash Q400 and family rework

I’m saying that ok, maybe a few enjoy flying the a330 but the majority don’t. It’s outdated and needs a rework

You’re getting off topic.
This thread is titled Dash Q 400 Rework not A330 Rework, please don’t get in an argument about the A330 here (or anywhere). Remember what happened with the A350?

Just because you live there doesn’t mean they have Q400s 😂

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I know it was a sarcastic joke lol! We all know we need the rework because its a great aircraft!

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It’s also too recent of a plane. I mean like it was only added I believe last year

The dash Q400 was added 2016 April I believe

I’d love to see it but it’s too early for one. Mabey they could update the Liveries but not the whole aircraft. The Dash 8 Q400 was added to the Infinite Flight fleet in March 2016. As seen in the below picture:

That’s so weird I remember when that was a new plane same with the a321 a320 a319 and a318

To be honest I feel like this plane has a perfect cockpit that just needs: pilots, interior views (cabin), wing flex, door animations, all variants of the Dash-8, and more liveries for the current and other future variants. Still a great aircraft though with a 4K cockpit! Good luck but I am out of votes 🗳. I would love to see this in the game!


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The dash needs the same features as it’s big brother opening doors steering pilots wing flex and a few livery’s like Flybe purple air canada express new livery air Iceland connect and lot !

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@Joseph_Marcel Although is a bit obvious, please make sure you give us a link to where you found the picture!

Thank you,


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Sorry coming right up

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I live in Auckland and they fly over my house everyday… they are Q300 my guy

ye thats what i mean

What airport was that taken at @Lovethisgame?

Aye sorry man made a mistake about it an also the Q300s are a good plane

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I think if they make the animated door on the Q400 then that would be awesome! doesn’t need a full rework just a partial one

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Yea it’s still too go and almost new to the IF community