Dash Q400 and family rework

With the new Crjs about I thought we pay attention to our only civil turboprop the Dash Q 400 it would be great to see working doors cockpit lights etc on this beautiful aircraft what do u think?images

This is what I would like to see.

I think its too early for the Q400 Rework… i mean Q400 is still a wonderful plane…


I think some more information in your post would be great…

What exactly do you want to see in the rework? The Dash8 is still relatively new and the model is already well detailed.


They could add the Q100, Q200 and Q300 as well


Yeah… the Q400 is a new model, I personally think it’s up to the current IF standards (maybe not including 4K textures and wingflex)


As other have mentioned the Q400 is relatively new and and therefore doesn’t need rework right now, would need some time in the future but right now it is totally fine, the physics and all that works like they should. Adding door animation, wipers and etc… can be done when the plane’s standards starts to become/feel outdated compared to rest of the fleet of aircraft in IF.

But adding on to what @Kirito_77 said about adding more info, i think it’d be great if you could add a picture of the Q400 to your request ;)


An a330 rework with more liveries like Qantas and Aer Lingus for example is needed more than a rework for a relatively newer aircraft. I don’t know anyone that enjoys flying the a330…


I know both me & @Levet enjoys it :) The 330 is not that bad.


Seb, it’s the cockpits…


Says the man who voted for it’s rework 😂


Things can always get better ;)

Sorry, i helped bring this a bit off-topic. Back on track now! :)


I know, I am in the same boat, but as you said, on topic now…

I m sorry but this is not needed because I consider this plane to be one of the best planes in IF including A320, 787, CRJ,
C-130, MD-11 but I would love to see some more versions of the dash series and then bombardier would be golden as they are my favorite plane manufacturer

I think this could come in handy. This could be combined with another request on the community and there is more than people think that could be updated. I fly the Q400 a lot in Infinite Flight and other sims. And there is small things that could be added to it. One being the prop RPM lever. It would allow you to be accurate with cruising without using autopilot for the throttle. Just gonna use that one example for now. But i do like it. If i can free up a vote I will vote for this.

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What I was thinking is that we could have more like the Q 200, 300 and to have operating front and cargo doors as well as cabin view.

Yea ture also air New Zealand dash 8

They don’t have Dash 8 Q400s. I think you should just do a whole rework with the Q300s, 200s, etc

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which things you speak of

They Do bro i live in New Zealand

I love flying the A330 what are you talking about lol