DASH-ing Through the Himalayas

You know, the generic livery doesn’t get nearly enough love as it should get. It is such a clean livery that it can go with almost any plane and any location, something not a lot of airliner liveries could do. So today, I would like to highlight a plane that wears this bright white quite proudly, the De Havilland Dash 8-Q400.

Some Details About This Adventure

Server: Solo (AKA Yolo)
Aircraft: De Havilland Dash 8-Q400
Location: The Himalayas near Kukla Airport
Fun: A lot

A frontal shot of my beautiful generic Dash 8 parked on the wrong end of the runway :P

Another view, but this time…FROM THE TOP???

Don’t mind me. Just gliding with 71 passengers on board through the mountains with my engines cut off. Don’t worry. Each of them had an empty Cheetos bag under them as a hurl bag. We strive for quality 👍

Passengers still snoozing inside :D

Ah…this one… I may or may not that pulled like 5 G’s and gone completely inverted to get this shot. Don’t worry. The passengers didn’t feel a thing. They were fast asleep.

Same thing applies here

A nice photo as I turn off my engines (purposfully) on short final for this nice still action shot.

And I leave you guys with this nice banner-style photo while I will probably use as my own because as I write this, I notice how nice it actually looks :P

Here is a quick edit I did on lightroom. Tell me what you think!

So yeah. That’s all. I hope you all enjoyed these photos and I really enjoyed getting these beautiful props in stop action as well as this amazing pencil of a plane! Until next time!


Rip The passengers, Nice shots. Hopefully the passengers don’t cancel me for saying this.


They won’t. Too engrossed in their Cheetos bags.

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You mean for the whole flight lol

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I actually turned them back on after about 45 seconds to a minute of non-powered flight to get back to short final for the airport, then turned them off again, stalled, and crashed. But I still managed to get the shots I wanted in the replay >:D

These pics are 🔥

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Next time I’ll make sure to EAT the Cheetos before barfing in them…. Great pics!

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Glad you will remember!! And thanks for the compliment!

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