Dash across England @ EGHH - 192100ZMAR17

Dash across England @ EGHH - 192100ZMAR17

Server: Training

Region: London

Airport: EGHH

Aircraft: British Airways A319

Time: 2100Z


British Airways VA, has been through a rough 24hrs. This event was originally planned as an IFC event in thoughts of our Deputy President.

We are now however, taking the opportunity to put that horrible incident behind us after news that our friend and colleague is on the mend and take a group flight across our homeland.

Join us at BA VA, as we take our BA A319s over from Bournemouth - Birmingham.

See you in the skies!


Nice event Louis.

Will gates be assigned or can we just turn up?

Nice to see bournemouth being used. Did my training here. Amazing runway there. Sign me up

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Just turn up. I expect a high turnout, so it will just be a matter of turning up and slotting in where you can! - See you there!


Just pointing out, putting British Airways home land as England is quite discriminatory to other Brits as BA wouod be called English Airlines. I would maybe change it :)

Good luck on the event, hope all goes well!

@LouDon16 can u reply back to me on pm please?!

He cannot reply to you anymore no.

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