Dash 8

Dash 7 is a very old plane, and the Twin Otter is too small.

Oof. Options are limited then

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If I were them I would go and try to get some ATRs 42-600s which can service at airports with 3,000 feet which sounds like it would be perfect for them. It will also allows them to hold more passengers rather than going with like a Caravan or etc.

Wideroe and ATR have tested ATR 42-600. It did not pass the performance requirements. (Payload/contaminated runway)

The q400 is also for the bighee routes (Tromsø to Bergen, Bodø to Bergen etc.)

Who knows with Longview/Viking Air buying the Dash 8 from Bombardier and if they think they could sell a new Dash 8, say a Q500/600/700 with the new GE Next gen turboprop they could get started on one but probably would not available until 2029 or so.

That much is obvious, but it’s an Approach Cat C aircraft where as the 100/200/300 series are all Cat B aircraft. So they’re able to get into smaller fields. The Q400, in ideal conditions at MLW, could come to a complete stop in just 2,600ft. That’s after the 1,000ft air distance, so a total of 3,600ft. Add on the safety margin, weather, winds, etc and it just can’t land at a lot of the fields in Northern Norway where the smaller Dash 8s thrive.

The ATRs have performance issues compared to the Dash 8s. So that’s out of the equation, and are just as old anyway.

Personally i find that unlikely. The more likely solution I see is production of the 1, 2, and 300 restarting production in small amounts. A completely new aircraft would be massively unprofitable in my opinion.

The Xian MA60 is still in production tho

That needs about 3000ft of runway though. I imagine it is also a cat c aircraft which makes it unable to land at a lot of airports in northern Norway

there has been a new news report, the Pilatus PC12 might be the new planes flyin around norway

(the site is in Norwegian)

I travel a bit around in the Northern part of Norway.
I wouldn’t mind flying with the Pilatus! 😍

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