Dash 8

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I just wanted to know what you guys think should replace the aging dash 8 series
Widerøe is a big user of these planes for using them at the Norwegian shaft haul network, and they have said that they are going to get a whole new fleet of small aircraft, ordering them before 2025
The only problem is, what aircraft fits where the dash 8 is now, because the ATR42 is too big to use at the small airports in Norway

Also here is some fun
It is an old commercial, but makes a little sense to include this here

Just let me translate for you
Just kidding
Not all planes can manage takeoff and land in all the bad weather on all small places in this country, therefore, not this year either we have ordered some extra large planes (this was before they ordered the E2) that is a job to some other airlines

Happy Landings


Im sorry, but this 747 has really caught me off guard…


I’m really confused what’s going on here…


What plane should take over after the dash 8!

As you see, not all planes can fly the Norwegian short haul network

The 747 looks like a typical Jumbo pilot parked in a rediculous GA spot, close to the (wrong end of the) runway 😉

Why replace the Dash 8? I love that thing!


Widerøe are set to bring new aircraft to their short haul fleet to replace the aging Dash 8 100 series, there is an empty space in the aviation market for that size of plane, so I wanted your guys opinion

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And still do not have an answer

D8 is a workhorse.
Capable of taking off and landing in small spaces. It’s a powerful little aircraft.

Maybe I’m biased because I worked with them years ago.

Wideroe is I believe the only operator of the Dash 8 to have all four variants (100/200/300/400) in active service concurrently. Fun fact, if that is indeed correct.

As for a replacement, I don’t believe there is a suitable one currently for the 100 and 200 series. Perhaps it’s time for a new design? Saab I don’t think has any interest in returning to the civil market. I’d love to think Bombardier would produce more turboprops but they seem intent on focusing on the CRJ. Embraer or RUAG perhaps?

A few years old, but this may be an interesting and relevant read.

The D8 is indeed a workhorse, but widerøe has themself said they are going to start phasing out the 100 and 200 and replace them around 2025, but what aircraft could take its space?

I really don’t know of a comparable aircraft that is new. The immediate things that come to mind are the ATR 42 or Donier 328, but these are just as old as the Dash 8. Maybe the Antonov AN-140, or Xian MA60, but both of these are a little bit bigger than the 100 and 200 series, don’t know if they are really suitable replacements. And both of them are already 20 years old.

Also it must be able to land in bad weather and short runways

So replacing them with a large fleet of 172s is out of the question :^P

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Hahahah, it would be possible hahahahah

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Bit still it is an Big gap in the aviation market:(

Would the A220-100 be too large? If so then I guess they could go for Cessna 208s. 😅

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Use the Q400. It’s the best regional turboprop there is. Period.

We have 3000 ft runways here so they can’t use the Q400. Aircrafts also need to be certified for steep approaches.

Lol okay, that’s pretty short. The Q400 is really good STOL. Maybe the Dash 7 or the Otter?

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