Dash 8 vs crosswind?

Oh that was entertaining to watch. Thanks for the laugh bro 😭


Primary Cause: - Lift profile changed by the PIC while in a steep dive at 150 feet AGL (>5 degrees) leading to a huge amount of excess lift that triggered another steep dive (>15 degrees) by the PIC to apparently salvage the landing. The excess decent rate caused the PIC to pull back sharply on the control column, leading to a situation where the aircraft is severely overloaded structurally. Unsimulated aircraft breakup is certain. Since aircraft breakup is impossible, the rapid nose up motion triggers an instant deep stall, putting the aircraft into an uncommanded right roll of approximately 180 degrees and crashing into the ground.

  • Destabilized approach combined with excessive speed.
  • PIC should’ve called go around at 1000 ft when it is clear when the aircraft is clearly not established properly on approach.
  • With the aircraft offset from the centreline by over 150 feet at ~200ft AGL should’ve immediately triggered a go-around call by the PIC.
  • The blame is squarely placed on the PIC for their inability to recognize a destabilized approach and call a go around, poor airmanship led to the PIC attempting to salvage the approach. Recommending all pilots for Flying Development Studio (operator) to go through remedial approach establishment training, APPR mode reliance on previous fleet acquisitions (737BBJ/A318) may be to blame for the lack of hand flown approach experience.

Accident Investigator
March 5, 2016.


Oh My, Oh Me. IFSB is already figuring out the cause!

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I mean, it’s not that difficult with all the telemetry and the camera angles. If only real life investigations are that easy. :)

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I saw you landed with the flaps on 35. But You have to land with flaps on 15. Please read Matt’s topic :)

Winds and gusts on max, direction set for crosswind.

First, a go-around:

And a landing, albeit a bit rough:

And a post I made a while back of real life turboprops making Crosswind landings:


Wonderful landing considering the winds are outside of acceptable limits for the Dash-8. Just a quick note to all, the max crosswind component for the Dash-8 is 32 knots, if the winds are outside the limits, I would recommend a diversion to the planned alternate.


Yes we’ve recovered the black box. However, due to the nature of this on going investigation, I can provide no further comment at this time.


The winds didn’t even seem like a problem it’s the pilot watch the yoke. It’s called learn how to fly!!!

Watch the yoke on the screen he’s doing it on purpose or he has no idea what he is doing no further information.

Whoah, let’s not be rude. I didn’t do it on purpose thanks. With the new layout i found it harder to know when the yoke was moving or not, so I ended up over correcting

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How did you get the woman talking? I dont have that ATC sound

Made a 22kts crosswind landing today in Amsterdam and the wind almost took me apart. The approach was still… quite okay… but on short final one gust from the side pulled the right gear down and the whole dash slammed on the ground. Probably used too much rudder on the ground as well, drifted to the right side of the runway and I left the game after all.

Nowhere near as rough as @ColonelJeff landing.

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Which airport was this taken at? It has the yellow arrows before the threshold

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Yeah I will remove it 👿👿

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Nooo it looks more realistic :’(
Dish bed.

@klmpilot, Higher speed is sometimes required in strong winds. If I was going 80kts it would blow me past the runway.

@CJ12, don’t remember. Somewhere in SoCal. I usually do my testing at KEDW but I don’t think this one was there.