Dash 8 Turning On TakeOff

At no point


Maybe you are too heavy or your speed is too slow.

Please google for prop torque

Make sure your aren’t taking off at 200+ knots in a small plane like a CRJ or Dash-8. They will every to the right or left due to speed.


Have a look at this

Just did the same and like you it behaved perfectly.

I tried again with a 15 knots 90deg crosswind. Took a lot of rudder (more than most other planes for sure) but it was fine.


You have to go to settings and uncheck
Auto coordination
I think that should do it

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This is good advice generally! :)


It is the winds. I have this happen. I fly the dash 8 regularly. Just use the rudder to counteract it like @Levet said.

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