Dash 8 Turning On TakeOff


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I have noticed someone else raised this a while ago. However, I never found a solution for it there.

EVERY time I take off in a Dash 8, and I mean EVERY time, the plane will veer off the runway. At the base of the runway I set the correct heading for the plane to stay centred on the runway, and I calibrate the controls before takeoff. As I hit rotation speed, the plane will very suddenly veer hard right (I don’t think it’s ever gone left), regardless of wind conditions. The plane will correct itself shortly after becoming airborne.

This happened again yesterday at EETN on Training Server. I can’t come up with a reason for this happening, and have never found a solution to it. I’ve even tried taking off in 0 wind conditions. I don’t have this issue on any other aircraft, and it doesn’t happen on landing.

If anyone else has this issue, knows how to solve it, or can explain to me what I’m doing wrong, please help!


Fly the runway heading manually instead of using the autopilot. The rudder will help you stay on course.


I’ve attempted this too, and it hasn’t prevented it. But surely that shouldn’t be necessary?

Even with the slightest winds rudder input may be necessary. Taking off with HDG armed is setting yourself up for a failed takeoff.


But what about when winds are set to 0? Why does this still occur?

Because you can only set the AP HDG to full degrees, while your actual heading might be 274,7 degrees.


The autopilot only uses the ailerons I think, so you actually have to use the rudder. Autopilot isn’t an option.

Yes, I’m aware of this. But the plane will make a sudden 20 degree turn. Not a slight one.

Yes that’s fine, but when I’m taking off in 0 wind conditions, ailerons shouldn’t be necessary

If your controls are calibrated and you takeoff manually, then you shouldn’t be veering left or right during take off. If there’s a crosswind, the aircraft will turn to face into the wind. You need to use the rudder to keep the aircraft flying straight.

It’s probably over correcting initially. Simplest solution is to do what is done in real life - take off manually.


Yes, and I just can’t seem to stay straight on the runway

it also happens to me but use rudder and during wind conditions you may use spoilers too. Always remember to tilt your device to slide your aircraft down the runway. Hope this helps!


Perhaps, I’ll try it and see :-)

Can you get a video of it happening?

I did did a flight on solo with:

  • Dash 8
  • Winds 0
  • 20% positive trim
  • flaps 10.

I calibrated on the runway and increased throttle. I did not touch my device at all and it went perfectly straight and rotated on its own (thanks to the trim).


I don’t have the energy to do a video now, but I’ll follow all the advice I’ve got and see if I can correct the issue. It’s weird, because I don’t have the issue on any other aircraft

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The other thing to notice is that when you spawn, wait a few seconds before your enable the heading in AP. The system takes a few seconds to calibrate your heading and you may be pressing it before it is calibrated.

You may notice the heading indicator change numbers a few seconds after spawning.

Tried something similar myself, taking off manually with zero wind, flaps 10 but didn’t touch the trim. No issues to report.

This is because the Dash 8 uses propellers for thrust, and props always have a pull in the direction that the props are turning toward (dash 8’s rotate clockwise so toward the right). The Dash 8’s props turn the same direction so you are always going to be pulled in one direction. The Dash 8s props turn to the 8 so you will always get pulled toward the right so use left rudder to fight this. The amount of rudder you use will depend on the winds and how much thrust you are using


At no point in IF should spoilers be used during takeoff. (Correct me if I’m wrong)