Dash 8 Takeoff [Video]

I didn’t want to post anymore videos on the forums because all the new videos I post I get exactly 11 dislikes. I don’t know if its from here or other people. I like the criticism I get to help me improve but this may be the last video from me 'till I get better at the takeoff and my crappy landings. So here it is



You forgot to retract flaps.

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It is okay as long as you practice. We all make mistakes.

Practice makes perfect

Yeah I know.

You too? Sad to hear that.

Yeah I know this happens a lot. I see you have the same problem.

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Don’t let people’s dislikes stop you from uploading new things, it’s hard to tell people’s emotions over the internet so I’m sure nobody meant any offence. They probably just had a suggestion for your takeoff and that’s why they didn’t like it as perfect, don’t let others opinions bring you down :)
Ps. That takeoff was good!


Nice video Bulba! Keep up the good work and as others are saying, don’t let the dislikes bother you! :)

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me2 ;’-( . . .


Its okay I’ll just need to get better.

The Dash 8 video now has 17 dislikes I need to investigate whats causing the dislikes.

Letting you know what to improve is not a dislike.

Great T/O, and the flaps are fine as your speed is not too high.

Lot of times I read on the forum that people adjust their flaps depending on their altitude, this is completely wrong as it all depends on your indicated airspeed.

Most people who always complain on this forum have no clue at all about flying themselves so don’t take it to serious just keep on posting :)


Nice to know fact, clean up the Dash 8 at 1000ft above aerodrome which is also called acceleration altitude. (Ie. The airport is located at 320ft, clean up at 1320ft). Make sure you don’t bust the flap 5 speed of 200kts. Good luck!

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I know I said the people who dislike or even some people should give a reason why if there is something I should improve on.

The best strategy for me is to ignore the dislikes and concentrate on the people that like what you do.

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Okay thanks.

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