Dash-8 Takeoff and Landing noise

Am i the only one that thinks the dash-8 sounds awesome and amazing when landing and taking off?

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I think so i prefer the b747-300 on takeoff with rolls royce rb211-524d engines

Yes So true😂

757 RRs spooling up are my favorite

For me it’s the a330-200

747 (all variants) I think are the greatest
Especially with rb211

At my local airport (Townsville International Airport) QantasLink operates Q400’s to Cairns, Mackay, Rockhampton and even out west. But when they come into land my little cousin describes the noise as magical. We have done a few plane spotting sessions together, and when the Q400 reverses thrust you start getting tingles in you. In all the engine noise is so engaging and beautiful. And better, when I have to have meetings for my job, up in Cairns, I take a Q400. It’s really an enjoyable experience!

A380 for me that sounds awesome and amazing

Yea especially on landings at night when powering down. Omg such an awazing sound and aircraft i hope they add it so bad.

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