Dash 8 Spoilers

Are the dash 8 auto spoilers IRL?

They are not auto spoilers there is an option to deploy them.

Yes I mean I don’t think IRL they deploy upon weight on landing gear. Are they not hand activated upon touchdown?

Then this needs to be in real world aviation not in the support category.

KReal life Operating Manual

this switch is set to the FLIGHT position, the spoilers will extend if
the aircraft’s power levers are at idle or less than + 12 degress
forward, with weight on the landing gear. This Flight setting for the
spoilers is normally used for landing procedures. EX: During touchdown,
if the throttle settings are below 12 degress or at idle, and enough
weight sits on the landing gear, then the spoilers will automatically

I thought the IF model didn’t deploy correctly. Hence why it’s in support. Is the game accurate?

It’s accurate, but it’s not 100%. The dash 8 has a couple flaws, not too many though

So is that a no to the spoilers functioning correctly?

Well yes and no. They function how they were coded to, as for are they accurate, I don’t know.

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There are no flight spoilers. They only deploy on landing if enabled. Just like the real plane.


Spoiler alert

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Why is this RWA, isn’t this supposed to be a support topic?


This is what happens when we get new regulars 😡


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IRL= Abbreviation for In Real Life

Except they don’t always deploy IRL, the specific conditions have to be met? I don’t suppose IF can replicate them?