Dash 8 Sliding off Runway

Ok, every time I try to takeoff in a Dash 8, the plane turns and tries to slide off the runway. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can someone please help me. Thanks :)


Its probably the wind.


But everytime?

If you mean in solo also check the wind

No, I just took off from KJFK on Advanced.

Go to KJFK now and check the wind

The wind was at 162*, at 7kts

You took off with head wind or tail wind ?

I think it was a headwind. I took of runway 13R.

It might be the Calibration

I always calibrate my device. Plus, it was around takeoff speed (95-115kts)

Well…i gave out all the possible things that might been the problem.

Sorry. Hope someone else can solve it. Thanks for the help :)


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I have the same problem even in solo with no wind. Its just sliding off to the right


Yes! Is it like turning when you don’t want it to?

Yes exactly

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Yep. That’s why I prefer not to fly the Dash 8. However, you can’t learn without trying!

What are your flap and trim settings? Also, what speed are you landing at?

I said take off …