Dash 8 Q400

Where is a good site I can find all the specifications and limits for this aircraft. I can’t find any thread in this community that has them listed. I want to know all the limits

And yes I know this shouldn’t be under “live” don’t know how it got there I tried to do it under “support”

Cruise Ceiling: 27,000 feet

Maximum cruise speed: 230 knots

Maximum takeoff VS: ~2000 fpm

Approach Speed: ~110 kts

Climb Speed: 180 kts

This is the general information I’ve gotten when I fly it.

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I stalled out at 140knots on approach

#support is for issues within the app. It’s fine in the current category.

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Hmm. Screen record it and DM it to me on Slack since that’s the easiest way for you to contact me.

Check this topic. Oldie but goodie

What is your slack username

Altaria55. You’re in my VA :)

And if you want IRL specs. Here you go.

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