Dash-8 Q400 Sound bug when in HUD/Cockpit view

The update 16.02.3 not resolve for me, and the ever other sound insite the cockpit stay bugged, when i pres the no smoking button the sound its terrible

I am experiencing the same problem with the exact symptoms described. I am also using an intel chipset phone (Zenfone 2)

Chipsets being used in the reported devices so far:

Intel Atom Z3745
Intel Atom Z3735
Intel Atom Z3560/Z3580
Intel Atom Z2520

…coincidence? Naah ;)

Sound Issue,

The cockpit of the Dash-8 is noisy and fatiguing on my Samsung Note 4. Could you turn the ambient outside sound down as if the pilot was wearing headphones.

Could you also remove the approach plate on the captains yoke and place flap and v speeds there instead.

Amazingly stable plane; which wants me to get flying again in the real world…


Shouldn’t the throttle for the Dash 8 display the N1%?

It´s a prop. They don´t have that. I guess… :)

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Hi everyone, I’m new to IF and I love it. I bought the Dash-8 and I am experiencing the same sound distortions as @schyllberg, even worse. The cockpit sound is totaly unrecognisable.

My device:
Intel Moore QC2.3 GHz (z3580 processor)
Android 5.0

Hope there’s a solution for this.