Dash 8 Q400 rework

Why Rework the Dash 8?

So The Dash 8 is a very iconic aircraft and is one of my favourites too. Outside of Airbus and Boeing, to me this is the most beautiful and best aircraft overall, Although the Dash 8 Q400 is mostly used for short domestics regional routes and few international flights I still think it’s as important as ever to see this beauty soaring through the skies with its addictive propeller sounds

A bit about the Aircraft

The De Havilland Canada DHC-8 ,[2] commonly known as the Dash 8 , is a series of turboprop-powered regional airliners, introduced by de Havilland Canada (DHC) in 1984. DHC was later bought by Boeing in 1988, then by Bombardier in 1992; then by Longview Aviation Capital in 2019, reviving the de Havilland Canada brand. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100s, it was developed from the Dash 7 with improved cruise performance and lower operational costs, but without STOLperformance. Three sizes were offered: initially the 37–40 seat -100 until 2005 and the more powerful -200 from 1995, the stretched 50–56 seats -300 from 1989, both until 2009, and the 68–90 seats -400 from 1999, still in production. The Q Series are post-1997 variants fitted with active noise control systems.

A few liveries that should be included…
PS: I know we already have some of these but I think they need updating…

-Air Canada Express
-Flybe Purple Livery
-LOT polish Airlines
-Westiet (Canada)
-Alaska Airlines
-Air Berlin
-Lufthansa Regional
-Biman Bangladesh
-South African Express
-Croatia Airlines
-Ethiopian Airlines

Features that should be included

-New cockpit
-Live instruments
-Interior Cabin
-Famous ‘Wheel Bounce’
-New Engine Sounds
-Better Physics
-Aircraft lighting improvements

My Final Point, if you would like to see an improved version of this Aircraft in the virtual skies, click VOTE!

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And I totally agree, I’d love to see a Dash 8 rework!

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