Dash 8 Q400 - Private Livery

Maybe we could add the paint scheme of N721AL it would be nice to get some more government liverys


I do not think so…

So… Infinite flight is an airliner only livery game?

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I meant I do not think that you should post your request in the topic @JDE1303 told you to post in…

Now, the developers only add private liveries if there are like only 5 airlines using that model…or it is meant to be a private plane…

I want the IF livery on it.

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I meant most of the time btw

I get that I do but there are a lot of us guys on the forum and off who play this app and fly civilian aircraft like the 757,737 dash 8 and caravans in a government and military capacity and while the airliner stuff is cool it would be nice to throw us guys a bone if your going to make 15-20 liveries for some airline anyways ya know?