Dash 8-Q400 Nok Air

When I was checking flightradar24 today I was looking around Bangkok, Thailand and was seeing a few aircraft owned by Nok Air. I googled “Nok Air” and it seems like they have a lot of liveries. Maybe a different livery for each aircraft?

Anyways, I am requesting the Dash 8-Q400.


Picture courtesy of Bombardier.


I have been meaning to request this for a while. A brilliant livery.

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Nice colors I hope they Will add this one

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Really kitschy livery IMO

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Putting in “Not my photo” is the same as just posting the picture and saying it’s yours. If you don’t give credit to the person who takes it, you’re still stealing it. So either link where you got it, or put nothing at all.

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We already know that the Dash-8 is although we don’t know about this livery.