Dash 8 Q400 livery vote

If there are any other airlines, just let me know

  • Air Canada express
  • West jet encore
  • porter airlines
  • SAS
  • Qantas link

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Sas don’t have q400 longer…Pushed out 2007 due to 3 accidents in one year and replaced with CRJ-900

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Austrian Airlines and Croatian.

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Can u make it multiple votes?

How about FlyBe, or Air Berlin?


United please

US Airways Express

You vergot flybe, airberlin and air baltic

They only fly 100s and 300s (And maybe 200s, unless I’m thinking of the wrong feeder carrier).

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Darn it! I wanted that livery. Maybe FDS then

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Maby they add the whole family later

Air Canada, WestJet and Qantas Link

Fly be is a big one too

To complete the list:

  • United Airlines
  • U.S. Airways
  • Austrian
  • Croatian
  • FlyBe
  • Air Berlin
  • Air Baltic

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When I say Dash 8 Q400 I’m realy just asking for any of the Dash 8 family.

I dont know

I just added;

U.S. Airways
Air Baltic
Air Berlin
United Airlines