Dash-8 Q400 landing speed?

You cannot flare while at 150 knots. It’s too fast and you will climb instead of flaring.

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I do 125 or 150. Depending on the weight

The link provided valuable information that I will use. Thank you.

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No problem. See you around.

How do you land at 150? The aircraft will climb at that speed, so I don’t see how it’s even possible to flare the aircraft when going that fast. Even for much bigger jets like the Boeing 737, that’s still a fast landing speed (normal landing speed for the 737 is 140 knots)

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Please see the landing guide I made for the dash 8 Q400

I have already obtained the information I needed to land it properly, but I’ll take a look regardless.

Thank you!

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First if all you do not land with full flaps in the Dash on a normal occasion. You land with 15 degrees flaps. With 15 I usually end up touching down at about 100 kts. If you were to use full flaps you could get to speeds like 92 knots without stalling.

The correct speed for a full flap landing (flap 35) is 97 knots


Yeah thanks, I was informed that with the Dash 8 you do not land with full flaps unless making a steep approach - a little odd, but makes sense considering it’s a very light aircraft.

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That is impossible without crashing. I land the 737 at a slower speed than that. I’ve touched down at a mere 88 knots one time in the Dash just to test how slow it could actually go.

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The steep approach thing is correct. Usually I slow down to that speed at 2 miles away from the runway

If you look in the virtual 3D cockpit in the Dash it says on the panel “Not Equipped for Steep Approaches”. I’m not sure of any further details; I just wanted to point that out just in case you find it helpful. :)

Besides that, I understand what you’re saying. If you need to make a quick descent you may need full flaps (until on short final) as you said.

Idk I land about 105-15 knots

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I just landed the Dash in 22 knot winds at SFO. My ground speed was like 82 knots upon touchdown (airspeed about 102 knots).

Nothing too hard… Managed to land this babe at WMBT anyway :D

First of all, you should be landing the dash 8 at flaps 15. With flaps 15 the landing speed will be about 120 kts.

The Q400 is a top wing aircraft which means your centre of gravity is now below the wing so it will behave differently.
You correct approach speed for flaps 15 is the speed which will maintain an attitude (pitch) between - 2° to level with the horizon while maintaining the glideslope.

Because it is a top wing aircraft you will need to keep the power on until the main gears touch, before dropping your throttle to idle.

Generally 121kts at 50% weight and 114kts at 25% weight.

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At medium weight/s you want to try and fly it on to the runway. High wing craft will behave very differently at touch down due to the c of g being lower. The ground effect drag is approx 3% higher with high wing layout which is probably why the suggestions to stay on power until contact is made with the tarmac are listed here too.

@Aviation_Enthusiast… M axSez: The Pilots Operational Handbook (POH) for the Dash-8 is archived. A quick search & retrieval will put the flight/ops data at your finger tips.