Dash-8 Q400 landing speed?

What’s the best landing speed for the Q400 with full flaps? I feel like it’s the hardest airplane to land in the game. When I try to flare, I start to gain altitude; however when I try to slow the speed I stall. When I do manage to get the aircraft on the ground the landing gear usually collapses (I guess I come in too quickly).

I don’t have any problems landing any other planes, just can’t get the q400 landing down! Tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Do any of you have trouble with this airplane too?

I don’t have this plane, but I know it’s definitely not the hardest plane to land in the game. That would have to be the Spitfire. :)

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That is crazy fast, especially for the size of the aircraft. With full flaps, there’s no way you can land at 150 knots without wrecking.


Check here:


Right before touch down I’ve heard you pull up and give a bit of power

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I rarely use any of the military aircraft in the game. When I do, it’s usually the F-16. Maybe the Dash q400 isn’t the hardest in the game, but I’d say it’s arguably the hardest commercial aircraft to land in the game.

You cannot flare while at 150 knots. It’s too fast and you will climb instead of flaring.

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I do 125 or 150. Depending on the weight

The link provided valuable information that I will use. Thank you.

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No problem. See you around.

How do you land at 150? The aircraft will climb at that speed, so I don’t see how it’s even possible to flare the aircraft when going that fast. Even for much bigger jets like the Boeing 737, that’s still a fast landing speed (normal landing speed for the 737 is 140 knots)

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Please see the landing guide I made for the dash 8 Q400

I have already obtained the information I needed to land it properly, but I’ll take a look regardless.

Thank you!

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First if all you do not land with full flaps in the Dash on a normal occasion. You land with 15 degrees flaps. With 15 I usually end up touching down at about 100 kts. If you were to use full flaps you could get to speeds like 92 knots without stalling.

The correct speed for a full flap landing (flap 35) is 97 knots


Yeah thanks, I was informed that with the Dash 8 you do not land with full flaps unless making a steep approach - a little odd, but makes sense considering it’s a very light aircraft.

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That is impossible without crashing. I land the 737 at a slower speed than that. I’ve touched down at a mere 88 knots one time in the Dash just to test how slow it could actually go.

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The steep approach thing is correct. Usually I slow down to that speed at 2 miles away from the runway